Meet Mike Rowe's New Puppy, Freddie

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After asking for help from the fans and playing a messy game of Puppy-Poop Bingo, the "Dirty Jobs" host finally settled on a name for his new adorable pup.

May 6, 2014 | 06:17 PM

What do you do when you can't decide on a new puppy's name? Play Puppy-Poop Bingo, of course!

"Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe recently rescued a homeless puppy that was living on the streets, but he had a harder time than expected coming up with the perfect name.

To help him decide, Mike employed the little-known messy game he calls "Puppy-Poop Bingo." Before leaving for a few hours to record narrations for "Deadliest Catch," "How the Universe Works," and "The Bait," Mike wrote his top name choices on the back of a puppy potty-training pad and let the little guy make his—ahem—mark.

Mike elaborated on the tough decision process in a Facebook post, writing, "It was a tough call. Barsky is fine name and a dear personal friend. Fred King was a highschool music teacher who changed my life. The dog has qualities that remind me of both men - including a propensity to crap on the floor. In the end, I deferred to the wisdom of the old chestnut, “It’s Not Where You Start...It’s Where You Finish.” And the pup clearly finished on Freddie."


Welcome to your forever home, Freddie! We're so happy that you and Mike found each other.

Cover image credit: Facebook/TheRealMikeRowe

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