WhoSay Welcomes Sarah McLachlan

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Our newest addition is Canadian musician, singer, and Lilith Fair founder Sarah McLachlan.

Apr 24, 2014 | 03:17 PM

WhoSay is pleased to announce our newest music icon: Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Sarah McLachlan!

Sarah gained worldwide popularity for her emotional ballads, including "Adia" (1998), "Building a Mystery" (1998), "Angel" (1998), and "I Will Remember You" (2000), to name a few.

In 1997, Sarah addressed concert promoters' inequal treatment of women by founding the Lilith Fair music festival, including performances by Paula Cole and Lisa Loeb, which soon became the highest grossing touring festival in the country.

Sarah is an active philanthropist, and funds the Sarah McLachlan School of Music in Vancouver, B.C., which provides music education to inner city children. She has been an avid supporter of many charities that are close to her heart, such as the ASPCA, tsunami relief, and the Live 8 concerts.

On Wednesday evening, Sarah attended Elle Magazine's Women in Music event, alongside Elle's creative director Joe Zee and stars like Stacy Keibler, Sophia Bush, Kat Graham, and Rumer Willis.

Her latest album, "Shine On," will be released on May 6.

Welcome to WhoSay, Sarah!

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