John Barrowman: King of the Talking Selfie

we're all ears

Seventeen examples of how "Arrow" and "Doctor Who" star John Barrowman has mastered the art of the talking selfie.

Apr 22, 2014 | 04:08 PM

It's only been a month since WhoSay debuted the talking selfie at the SXSW film festival, but John Barrowman's already earned the title of King.

John's taken every opportunity to practice his talking selfie skillsfrom family dinners and daily errands to sharing shots of his G.I. Joe collection.

So, why are we so enamored by John Barrowman's talking selfies? These sweet confections of photos plus audio perfectly capture his playful and silly side. Not only do they give us an even closer look inside his life and hobbies, but we get to hear the soothing sounds and divine crooning of the one and only JB.

And, true to form, John expressed his pride of being dubbed King in this talking selfie:

Here are sixteen more examples of why John is deserving of his title as King:















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