Sofia Vergara's "Modern Family" Style


Sofia Vergara talks about what gives Gloria her signature look, and shows off styles for every occasion.

Nov 11, 2013 | 07:41 PM

"Modern Family" has a new everyday look: The stylish ABC sitcom is now on USA Network five nights a week. To celebrate, we take a look at the looks that make Sofia Vergara shine on and off the set.

But first, we asked Sofia a couple of questions about what gives her character, Gloria, that signature something.

What are the essential elements that create Gloria's look?

What is in Gloria's purse right now?

A Guide to Sofia's (and Gloria's) Style for Every Occasion

#1—Accessories first
Earrings to get her through an entire season

Earrings to get her down the red carpet

#2—Date night
Bold red and Colombian emeralds for a night out with the stars and her "husband"

Summery black and white for a night under the stars with her love

#3—Black-tie tresses
Loose locks for a date with her "son," Manny

A little more volume for an event with her son, Manolo

#4—Workout wear
Black-and-purple coordinated gear for working up a sweat on the set

Hot pink to show off a different kind of coordination at home

#5—Everyday ease
A warm eye look with her "Modern" family

Rosy and casual for family dinner

#6—Ladies' night
Bold color for quality time with the gals on the set

A little black dress for girls' night out

Trim black leggings for rolling with it on set

A black cut-out swimsuit for rolling in the sand

#8—Going incognito
Otherworldly in bright green on the set

Getting a better view of things off the set

Catch "Modern Family" on USA Network five nights a week.

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