Papa Pope’s Most Intense “Scandal” Moments

bad dad

While Rowan Pope’s life hangs in the balance, enjoy his most memorable moments from “Scandal” before tonight’s season finale.

Apr 17, 2014 | 07:01 PM

Will Rowan Pope survive “Scandal” Season 3?

That’s the question on every Gladiator's mind after last week’s shocking episode (“Flesh and Blood”) where Olivia finds her dad clinging to life after being shot inside her office—presumably by her terrorist mother, who is nowhere to be found.

Take a look at a trailer for tomorrow’ episode here:

While we wait to find out what happens to Papa Pope and the rest of OPA, let’s honor Joe Morton and his intense character by taking a look back at some of his most intimidating moments.

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Unlike his daughter, he is definitely not a fan of Fitz.


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Like, really not a fan.


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Can you imagine having this guy as your father-in-law?


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He’s not afraid to tell you who’s boss.


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But to be fair, he did work for it.


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How she didn’t get on that plane is beyond us.



Rowan never sugar-coated anything for Olivia.


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We could really use a drink, too.

Cheers, Rowan! Here's hoping you live to see another day and fling another soul-crushing insult.

The Season 3 finale of "Scandal" airs on ABC tonight, April 17, at 10 p.m. EST.

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