Kids React to Walkmans. To What? Exactly

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The new viral and hilarious YouTube video from The Fine Brothers shows kids ages 6 to 13 reacting to outdated technology.

Apr 16, 2014 | 02:11 PM

Meet Krischelle: a 9 year old who's been handed a portable cassette player (a.k.a. Walkman) that she initially mistakes for a phone. 

kids react to walkmans

Photo credit: YouTube/TheFineBros 

The hilarious moment is from a viral and hilarious YouTube video from TheFineBros, which so far has 4.6 million plays and counting! 

The seven-minute video shows Dash (age 9), Krischelle (9), Elle (12), Cooper (6), Kacey (9), Emma R. (8), Shannon (9) and Jayka (11) reacting to the archaic device that they initially mistake for a smartphone. ("What am I supposed to do, press play?")

Watch the video below. 

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