Emma Watson/Sofia Vergara GIF Goes Viral

thanks, internet

The "Noah" and "Modern Family" stars are mashed up in Imgur's latest antic.

Apr 9, 2014 | 08:54 PM

This is what you get when people with unlimited internet access get a little bored.  

emma watson sofia vergara

Photo source: Imgur  

"Noah" star Emma Watson and "Modern Family" star Sofia Vergara are the subject of the web's latest bizarre entertainment.

The GIF "Emma Watson Unmasked" was posted on Imgur by user SleepingPill Wednesday, and has since accumulated over 80,000 views on the popular site, in addition to being picked up by mainstream outlets such as The Huffington Post.

The concept behind the creepy new GIF originated with a 2011 YouTube video, in which someone by the name of Kerry Johnson demonstrates how to apply (and remove) a full head and torso silicone mask, an accessory she's been making for over 20 years.

Check out this version, made through computer work and facial overlay, posted by YouTube user curveballbe

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