Dolph Lundgren Fights Human Trafficking

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The "Expendables 3" actor went on CNN to talk about his upcoming film, "Skin Trade."

Apr 8, 2014 | 11:43 AM

Dolph Lundgren is about to fight some very, very bad guys.

The "Expendables 3" star just wrapped principal photography "Skin Trade"—an action film that he hopes will spread awareness about the horrors of human trafficking.

"This picture is about human trafficking and is very special to me," Dolph wrote in a WhoSay post. "I started working on the script 7 years ago, after reading a news story about a van full of girls that were to be smuggled from Mexico to the United States. The van was left by the traffickeres along the border and all thirty girls inside died from heat stroke and suffocation."

"I have two young daughters and I felt that this is a story that has to be told," he continued. "I used that incident as inspiration for a scene in SKIN TRADE, a film produced by Mike Selby, Craig Baumgarten and myself."

Yesterday, Dolph made an appearance on Richard Quest's CNN program "Quest Means Business" to talk about "Skin Trade" and the importance of educating the public about human trafficking.

Take a look at his segment, below:

"I am amazed and even though I worked on the script and we wrapped the picture last week...when I read the statistics...I'm still amazed that people can do that to other human beings," Dolph said to Richard Quest. "It's...beyond me, but I think it has to stop and we all  have to work to stop it."

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