"Modern Family" Celebrates 100 Episodes

Syndicated Hilarity

The cast takes you behind the scenes of a TV show milestone.

Sep 5, 2013 | 05:01 PM

This week, the cast of the Emmy-winning comedy "Modern Family" gathered to shoot its 100th episode, and celebrated by sharing these photos from behind the scenes.

While the stars are keeping mum on what happens in the episode, it marks a big milestone for the show—not just because it's a great achievement, but because 100 episodes is the typical threshold for a show to become eligible for syndication. This means "Modern Family" for everyone—the show's past seasons will start to air on USA on September 24.

Season 5 of "Modern Family" premieres on ABC on September 25, and the 100th episode is slated to air on October 9. Here's to 100 more!

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