Travel to the Bahamas With Christa Miller

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The "Cougar Town" actress shares sun-kissed pictures and travel tips from her recent trip to the Bahamas.

Apr 2, 2014 | 12:20 PM

It's officially April, which means that we're long overdue for some warm weather and sunshine. Although some of us still have yet to put our winter coats away, at least we can dream of summer weather, thanks to Christa Miller.

The "Cougar Town" actress recently soaked up the sun with her family and friends in the Bahamas—and she has the envy-inducing vacation photos to prove it. Christa even took the time to tell us how she likes to kick back and relax when she's away from home. Scroll down to learn more about her tropical beauty routine and her favorite vacation indulgence below.

What is your favorite vacation indulgence?

Christa: My favorite vacation indulgence is shutting it all down. I like to sleep in late and ignore the outside world. 

Could you give us any insight into your vacation beauty routine?

Christa: I would say my tropical beauty routine is non-existent. Only sunscreen.

What's your favorite beach read in recent memory?

I just finished "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt and loved it. Maybe I will peek at my daughter's books now...

What do you look forward to most when you're coming home after a relaxing vacation like this?

Christa: When I come home I usually need a vacation from my vacation.

Any packing tips or tricks for us?

Christa: My packing tips: I am the worst packer, my husband laughed at the thought of me giving any advice on this topic.

You may call yourself an awful packer, Christa, but it sure seems like you know how to live it up when you travel! Thanks for sharing with us.







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