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Paul Feig takes you on a sartorial tour of the press junket.

Oct 1, 2013 | 04:00 PM

["The Heat" is available for download in digital HD today, or you can pre-order it on DVD or Blu-Ray, available October 15.]

A few months ago, 20th Century Fox sent me out on a worldwide press tour to promote my movie, "The Heat." During my time on the road, I kept a journal of my exploits and, most of all, my wardrobe and all things related to it. Why my wardrobe, you ask? Well, because a) I like to dress up pretty much all the time, and b) I’m going to be starting a men’s style website soon and so thought I’d let people in on strange details of my clothing obsession. You may be surprised at just how much I talk about clothes in this journal, so prepare yourself. But what can I say? I like to look as good as possible. Fellas, let all the suit talk you’re about to read inspire you to start dressing nicer. And ladies, get inspired to tell your fellas to step it up. You’ve seen their t-shirt and shorts look enough already. Make them put on an effin’ suit for you from time to time!  You deserve it, right? Right? Of course you do.

So now, in honor of the digital and DVD release of my movie, here in daily installations are some of the things I did and saw while out on the road hawking "The Heat"!  (I used an exclamation point at the end of that sentence to make this all seem more exciting. I hope it worked. Are you excited? Just pretend you are, for my sake. Thanks.)

June 5th – Heading out on a three-week domestic and international press tour for my new movie, "The Heat." I’m going to be doing a lot of on-camera interviews in a lot of different cities, which means I’m going to have to bring a shitload of suits. Oh, sure, I could just bring a couple and several different ties and no one would be the wiser. But that’s not the way I roll. I’m bringing seven different suits with me, as well as a couple of sports jackets, thus making my luggage much heavier and way bulkier than it should be. That’s how I roll … in case you’ve always wondered, "How does Paul Feig roll?" (You haven’t wondered that, have you? Oh well. Now you know.)

Packing seven suits isn’t a walk in the park, especially since I want to keep myself to one large suitcase. So, how do I do it? I put four suits and a sports jacket in my suitcase with all my shirts and then my three expensive Savile Row suits in a garment bag that I carry onto the plane, just in case some sort of thievery or incompetence befalls my checked bag. Do I have a special way to fold my suits into a suitcase? Not really. I know there’s clever ways to turn them inside out and slide one shoulder into the other that’s supposed to work well but that takes way too much effort. I also need to bring their special curved hangers, since hotels have those crappy ones that are straight and screw up the shoulders and back of the neck. So, when I travel I simply fold the suits in half and put them in with the rest of my shirts, which I also leave on their hangers and fold in half.

So, how do I plan on looking good with a suitcase filled with quickly wrinkling suits and shirts? A travel steamer! It’s God’s gift to travel.

The one I use costs about 20 bucks and saves me a fortune on hotel pressing. (Hotel pressing is a risky business. I was once in an insanely expensive hotel in London and had them press my suit and they ironed the lapels flat so they had razor sharp creases, which is the exact opposite way of how you’re supposed to press a suit. No wonder the British lost their empire.) It’s small enough to fit in my luggage and puts me back in control of my wardrobe. And so with that peace of mind and a quickly evolving case of tennis elbow, I hoist my overstuffed bags and head to the airport to catch my flight to San Francisco.

June 6th – Did a word-of-mouth screening for "The Heat" last night and it went very well. What’s a word-of-mouth screening? Exactly what it sounds like. We show the movie to a theater full of people for free in the hopes that they’ll like it so much, they’ll start spewing words out of their mouths toward everyone they know telling them how amazing my movie is. We did the same thing for "Bridesmaids" and it worked well. I’m usually able to go on Twitter and put in the name of my movie and see bunches of tweets from all across the country of people telling their friends they really liked it. But for "The Heat," the fact that the fucking Miami Heat are in the playoffs right now means that finding some nice tweets about my movie is like finding a dropped contact lens on the beach. How dare people tweet about a basketball team when I’m trying to see if other people liked my little cop comedy. No class.

Anyway, regarding the screening—

Suit worn: Dark blue Anderson & Sheppard three-piece. The vest (or waistcoat, for our British readers) is lapelled. Why? I like the way a lapelled vest looks. I think it adds some extra interest to a suit and also means the vest’s neckline isn’t too plunging. I like to show less tie with a vest than many designers would like me to. The deeper the V, the better it holds my tie in place. I like the look of a lower-cut vest but since I’m obsessive about my tie being perfectly straight, the higher cut works best for me. Personal taste. Rock a vest any way you want. I’m not judging you. Not that you’d care if I were. Or would you??? (*Feig lets question hang in the air, hoping people actually care about his opinion.*)

Today is my first official day of press and I have to do a ton of interviews for radio, TV, print and the Internet.  So, what does that mean? Me talking endlessly, trying to make the same stories sound fresh and interesting, that’s what it means. Am I complaining? Hell no. I love doing press. It’s the reward for spending a year of your life making a movie. It’s even better when people actually like your movie. Okay, I’m going to be immodest. "The Heat" is great. Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy are hilarious together and the rest of my cast is awesome. Katie Dippold wrote an amazing script and I did a really good job directing the whole thing. There, I said it. I patted myself on the back. Sue me. (But don’t actually sue me. That would be horrible.) Paul Feig

Check back tomorrow for the next installment of Paul Feig's travel journal. In the meantime, you can download "The Heat" in digital HD today, or pre-order it on DVD or Blu-Ray, available October 15.

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