Name That Celebrity Dog!

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Be the first to correctly guess this celebrity dog’s name and get a retweet from the WhoSay staff.

Mar 5, 2014 | 05:17 PM

Happy hump day, WhoSayers! It’s time for another edition of Name That Celebrity Pet.

Last week, we asked you identify this thirsty Chihuahua, Gertie, who belongs to the lovely Katherine Heigl. Today, we bring you this brown and blue-eyed cutie, whose actor/musician owner shares photos of every Friday. Can you name pointy-eared pup?



Hint: His owner recently toured South America with his bandmates.

Tweet your guesses @WhoSay with the hashtag #NameThatCelebPet for a chance to have your correct answer retweeted by our WhoSay staff!

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