"Chrisley Knows Best": Meet the Family

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Meet the cast of USA Network's new reality show.

Mar 11, 2014 | 04:39 PM

Meet the Chrisleys—a family whose patriarch is "beyond couch time."     

"Chrisley Knows Best," USA Network's new reality television show, premieres March 11 at 10/9C. The show follows Atlanta-based self-made multimillionaire Todd Chrisley, his wife Julie, and children Savannah, Chase, Lindsie, Kyle, and Grayson as they transition from a high-rolling real estate family to a team of budding fashionistas—always under the stern guidance of the "patriarch of perfection."

Meet the Chrisleys:

1. Todd:  

Born in Georgia and raised in Westminster, South Carolina, the Chrisley patriarch runs micromanages his family like his business: with an iron fist.

One of his many taglines: "Ignorance I can fix. Stupid is forever."

2. Julie: 

Todd's wife of almost 18 years, Julie is the daughter of a Baptist minister, a breast cancer survivor, Todd's business partner, and a "super mom" who does it all.

Tagline: "The high road doesn't mean the top part of the ditch."

3. Savannah: 

A 16-year-old aspiring Miss Georgia and pediatric oncologist, Savannah is always in cahoots with her brother Chase over dealing with daddy.

4. Chase

This 17-year-old top athlete and ladies' charmer prides himself on being the favorite child, as well as a miniature version of the patriarch himself. 

5. Lindsie: 

"She's beautiful, she's smart, she's bitchy," according to Daddy. At age 24, she's the eldest child of the Chrisley clan, a wife (obviously, Daddy clashes with the husband) and mother. 

6. Kyle: 

The eldest son of the Chrisley family, 23-year-old Kyle, was once shipped off to Samoa by his parents to work with the Red Cross and complete his education, after he was caught sneaking around with a married woman. Now he is trying to figure out what to do with his life and is living with a new roomie: Todd's mother, Faye.  "All your blood was cut off to your brain when you did that," Todd scoffed, referring to Kyle's forearm tattoo.  

7. Grayson: 

At age seven, Grayson is the youngest of the Chrisley clan, and the one likely to get away with hijinks his older siblings wouldn't even dream of. He got his first iPhone at age four, and watches morning television from his bathtub.


Don't miss the premiere of "Chrisley Knows Best" on March 11 at 10/9C on USA Network.   

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