VIDEO: Anchorman Channels "Frozen" Song

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How an Oscar-nominated song explains the plight of the Traffic Man in winter.

Feb 28, 2014 | 06:03 PM

We're not sure how Idina Menzel feels about this, but an Ohio traffic man has decided to cover "Let It Go"—the Academy Award-nominated Original Song from the Disney animated feature "Frozen."

Here's the original version: 

And here's WKRC Bob Herzog's: 

"I've taken my daughter to see the movie "Frozen" twice," says Herzog in the video. "I have watched YouTube videos of the songs from the movie several thousands times with her at home. So, a lot of those songs are sort of up in my head, and I thought one of them, if I put my own words to it, really speaks to what a traffic man has to deal when you have weather conditions like we've had this winter," he added.

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