Inside the Oscars $80,000 Swag Bag

the 86th academy awards

This is what J-Law will get, even if Lupita Nyong'o beats her this Sunday.

Feb 28, 2014 | 03:55 PM

The cat is out of the bag! 

Being nominated for the Academy Awards definitely doesn't suck–even if you end up not winning. 

In addition to getting to walk the red carpet, attending the Oscars parties and keeping the "Academy Award-nominee" title forever, Oscar losers also get to go home with a swag bag valued at aproximately $80,000.

These are some of the products inside the bag:

  • Cosmetics treatments ($18,070)
  • Weight-loss products ($949)
  • A train-trek through the Rocky Mountains ($6,850)
  • A maple tree and maple products ($280)
  • A walk through Japan and a meeting with Boyz II Men in Las Vegas ($24,000)
  • A home spa system ($7,455)
  • A stay in a luxurious Kauai Villa ($5,300)
  • Pet products ($7,706)

So don't feel too sorry for "American Hustle's" Jennifer Lawrence if she loses to "12 Years a Slave's" Lupita Nyong'o in the Best Supporting Actress category. She'll have some all-expenses-paid downtime in Hawaii to get over it. 

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