10 Awesome Reactions to Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill

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These ten celebrities and companies spoke out against the controversial legislation.

Feb 26, 2014 | 09:16 PM

On February 20, the Arizona legislature passed a bill that would allow retailers to deny service to LGBT citizens on the grounds of "religious freedom." The ball is now in Governor Janet Brewer's court, who will either sign into law or veto the bill.    

However, this hasn't stopped celebrities such as George Takei and John Barrowman, as well as companies like Apple and American Airlines, from speaking out against a bill that they say "creates a reputation that Arizona is judgmental and unwelcoming," even though social conservatives say it protects the religious freedom of Arizonans. Here are ten of the best reactions from those who disagree with the bill: 


1. John Barrowman 


2. Brandon McCarthy 


3. Apple is urging Governor Brewer to veto the bill.  


4. Rocco's Little Chicago Pizzeria was one of the first companies that spoke up against the bill, via this viral Facebook post:


5. Anderson Cooper 


6. PetSmart: CEO David K. Lenhardt said Tuesday that the bill would negatively affect business in the Grand Canyon State.  


7. Yelp: "I believe that every consumer has a right to be served by a business without fear of discrimination," Yelp's CEO wrote in an open letter to Governor Brewer.  


8. George Takei  


9. American Airlines also urged Governor Brewer to veto the bill.   


10. Seth MacFarlane

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