Mo Farah's Kenya Training Diary

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Go hard or go home.

Feb 25, 2014 | 09:55 PM

Who needs the gym when you can train under the warm African sun?

Two-time Olympic champion Mo Farah has spent the past two months training at high altitude in Kenya for the 2014 London Marathon, and sharing his progress with his fans on WhoSay.

Though Mo maintains a strict training schedule, he still makes time to enjoy the simpler things in life. When he isn't breaking a sweat at the track, Mo spends time chilling out with friends, taking in the beautiful Kenyan landscape, and shopping for produce at a market in Iten.

Iten is widely regarded as one of the best training grounds for long distance runners worldwide because of its nearly 8,000-foot altitude, which allows the body to adapt to the lack of oxygen during exercise by developing a higher concentration of red blood cells. Not only is Iten a popular training ground, but it has also produced countless world-class athletes from St. Patrick's High School, including three-time Boston Marathon winner Ibrahim Hussein, 1998 Olympic gold medalist Wilson Boit Kipketer, and world champion Matthew Birir.

Considering Kenya’s unsurpassed “track record,” it’s no wonder Mo feels right at home.



































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