Juliette Goglia's "Michael J. Fox Show" Q&A


Before "The Michael J. Fox Show" launches tonight, its teenage star Juliette Goglia fielded our questions about her premiere party plans, "Breaking Bad" spoilers, and her most horrifying discovery around the house. Get to know Juliette through this exclusive video and picture scrapbook.

Sep 26, 2013 | 05:22 PM

What did you do when you found out you booked the role of Eve Henry?

How will you be celebrating premiere night?

PICTURE PROMPT: What are the most important things in the room with you right now?

Quick! You have one hour free suddenly! What do you do?

What other television shows are you most looking forward to this season?

PICTURE PROMPT: Show us something horrifying!

Betsy Brandt plays your mom on "The Michael J. Fox Show," but she's also well known for playing Marie on "Breaking Bad," which airs its final episode Sunday. Did Betsy spoil the ending of "Breaking Bad" for you?

What's the funniest moment that happened when the cameras weren't rolling?

What advice do you have for aspiring young actors/actresses?

PICTURE PROMPT: Take a photo with a stranger.

PICTURE PROMPT: None. Just a sweet moment between Juliette and her pooch preparing for the show's premiere.

Tune in to "The Michael J. Fox Show" on NBC tonight at 9 p.m. EDT/8 p.m. CST

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