ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 3, 2013
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This is a home game Bruh!!


THATS IT!! I've seen enough!! The Bears need me!! *Grabs Parachute*


If you didn't hoop on crates as a kid, and you had a real rim, you were considered rich! I had a full court in my backyard playing crate ball! I put them on hooks from our clothesline from our garage to the back of our house!! Tag somebody who played crate ball


If you ever see me out and I'm gone for a long time...... I'm getting that seat right for my princesses!


Since my dog Peanut Tillman had to get surgery, he has been down in the dumps! Create a video, pic, joke, or anything to #CheerPeanutUp. Whoever is the best wins 2 tickets to the game! Tag me and don't forget the hashtag! #BearDown


Waiting on this iOS 8 upload like....... #iOS8

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