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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Jul 24, 2013
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, CA


Hailing from Sydney, Australia, but now based in the US, Andy Clockwise has become one

of the most compelling artists in music today. His most recent release, 2011’s The Socialite,

propelled him to a new level of success in the United States and Australia. After touring

both US coasts and playing music festivals nationwide, Clockwise now has his sights set on

his follow-up LP, entitled War Stories.

What you find in Andy Clockwise is a new kind of artist: unrelenting, prolific, exciting and


Andy’s first taste of success came in Australia with his debut double-album Classic FM,

released through Universal in 2006. Critics called the album “thrilling”, “ambitious,”

and “unpredictable.” Its success eventually landed him sold out headlining tours across

Australia, as well as support slots with INXS, The Black Keys, Wolfmother, The Wailers, and

Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers.

After a short stint in London, Clockwise settled into his new Los Angeles home. He

became immersed in the eclectic music scene that is Los Angeles. His success Down Under

translated in the United States almost immediately, as he released a string of successful EPs

prior to the release of his second LP The Socialite. His Are You Well? EP and The Socialite

peaked at number 6 on the FMQB specialty charts and was a favorite among college and

AAA radio stations across the country. All of this exposure led Andy to an opening slot for

Strokes front man Julian Casablancas on his first solo tour.

After critical acclaim upon its release in Australia, The Socialite dropped in the U.S. in April

2011. As he does on all his releases, Andy performed, recorded, produced, and mixed the

record by himself. “It’s about me trying to find some sort of state of grace in the cult of

celebrity,” said Clockwise.

In support of The Socialite, Clockwise toured the US extensively for the first time, hitting

both coasts and several festivals throughout the country, including his third SXSW. Los

Angeles’ famed rock radio station KROQ-FM was very supportive of the album with steady

airplay and sponsored live shows, all garnering overwhelmingly positive reviews. He sold

out several iconic Los Angeles venues including The Satellite (Spaceland), Hotel Cafe, and

The Troubadour.

The Andy Clockwise brand of “schizo pop” is assuredly on display on his forthcoming album

War Stories. The album, darker and more refined, digs deeper than any of his releases to

date; Clockwise describes it as an album about “the wars we put each other through…a

electro-folk-pop musical ode to dysfunctionality. It’s about us all being honest and full of

s#*t at the same time”. War Stories is slated for release in late 2013.


“Clockwise pours everything into his well-honed, life-affirming songs and leaves no stone

unturned in his search for musical nirvana”. – Rolling Stone Australia

“This first single, with its choral backdrop, has a widescreen feel that suggests Clockwise is

gaining, rather than losing, steam."-

"There is one constant in the audacious Aussie’s world: Andy Clockwise puts on one hell of a


“Suffice it to say that Andy Clockwise is Rock & Roll's Golden God, period."-The Examiner

“The Socialite sounds like refined Beck with a tad of Morrissey’s wit thrown in for good

measure. This is the kind of ‘indie’ that speaks to more than just hipsters. It’s genuinely hip

with a bewildering brilliance that warrants numerous listens.” -Artist Direct

“He’s so good it’s almost unfair.” – The Daily Telegraph

“Maybe he had a past life as a Vaudevillian actor, because he sure [brings] the razzle dazzle,

the energy, the drama that rock legends are made of…he ran into the audience, dancing with

people and singing to them….Andy Clockwise may seem like a misfit, but the truth is that he

will fit in anywhere he goes.” - Music Connection

“Andy Clockwise balls up ambition, charisma, and his self-identified “schizo pop” with

both hands and thrusts them in your face with big arrangements, a multitude of influences,

danceable tracks, and downright electric and always interactive live performances.” – The

Owl Mag

“Charismatic and wildly entertaining from the first chord, Clockwise is constantly set in fifth

gear.” – KROQ

“With the strongest pipes around, Clockwise’s voice is a mix of Bono in ballads and the

National’s Matt Berninger.” –

“Andy Clockwise and Co. are that band! Each song was killer! This Aussie will make lots of

noise in 2013!” – Anthony Valadez, KCRW

“While it’s easy to identify his genial baritone voice with roguish lyrical masters like

Jonathan Richman, Stephin Merritt and post-modern maestro Beck, Clockwise reveals his

uniqueness by writing straight from his own creative heart.” – Daphne Yang, 944 Magazine

“If you ever need to impress someone, take them to an Andy Clockwise show. They’ll never

forget it!” Chris Muckley, KCRW

“A masterful record with the capacity to get deep into your bones. Just who have we let slip

through our fingers?” – Ian Cuthbertson, The Australian

"If Mick Jagger, Beck and a mad scientist had a love child, it would be Andy Clockwise- a

perfect storm of rock, charm and swagger" - Tobi, 98.7FM, XM Radio

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