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Discover @LeapFrog leap band, the only activity tracker just for kids that encourages active play and healthy habits. This is a gem in the day and age of video gaming. @favoredbyapp #favoredbyapp #redCARpetsafety Download the app: http://www.whosay.com/l/DzP9lhO


We love @drsmiths diaper ointment, and if it's your favorite on @favoredbyapp (even if it's not yet, it might be after this!), you'll want to know about the diaper ointment SPRAY! How nice is it to just be able to spray ointment on your baby's painful diaper rash? Genius. #favoredbyapp #redCARpetsafety Download the app: http://www.whosay.com/l/Vnx9lhH


A big thank you to @ford for bringing this Explorer for our car seat installations at the #redCARpetsafety event. Also thankful that My husband has an f150. It was perfect for cleaning and hauling after the event. @favoredbyapp #favoredbyapp


Some of the most passionate projects are born from loss and grief in an effort to spare others from the same pain. @fixthetoaster is on a mission to stop people from driving while distracted. Visit Www.fixthetoaster.com to learn more. #redCARpetsafety #favoredbyapp @favoredbyapp


I had the privilege of meeting a "superwoman" (she literally had a superhero costume on;) who lost her son Conor in an unnecessary accident, which led her to develop the Conor Lynch foundation to raise awareness of the many distractions (not just texting!) in a vehicle that could lead to devastating outcomes. @inhonorofconor @favoredbyapp #redCARpetsafety #favoredbyapp www.inhonorofconor.org


@EvenfloBaby is making all parents lives easier with the surelatch connectors (click the LATCH into your vehicle and push down!) SO EASY!! and the infinite slide harness that ELIMINATES harness rethreading. #keepingourbabiessafe #redCARpetsafety #favoredbyapp @favoredbyapp

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