ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 28, 2012
BORN: December 15
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Jace Hall
More About Me

@alsassociation #ALSIceBucketChallenge Because I still haven't had a chance to come up for air - I donated to both the National and the Local ( The ALS Association Golden West Chapter ) chapters of the The ALS Association in between takes. Blessings and Happy Friday AM


HEY PEEPS!! Right now I'm sweating my bum off at YouTube Space LA shooting two BRAND NEW *quick but killer* workouts I created for you! (So sry - had to blur my timing cue cards, no hints!) - Stay TUNED - I'll let you know when they both launch on Lionsgate BeFiT!!!!


#MakeupTransformation Such incredible. So makeup. Wow. #JeremyMeeksWTF


"Doral ana'diel?"...New #cosplays are a-brewin'... @Warcraft spending Saturday...creatively. #FortheWho? ;)


#AlphaFemale #Shredz !!!!!! These are: "Roll Down Sit Stand Ups." This is another one of…


YES! To the #MERMAID STRETCH! PICTURED: Start to Finish. My signature stretch lol. #Random #balance I do this stretch and upper body isometric move at home - at the gym...if I can find a wall, I'm heads up! It's an advanced move that will challenge your upper body and core strength, as well as your balance. Interested in learning how to DO, but are scared because you don't have a gymnastic or yoga background? You can start teaching yourself to do this by just creeping your feet up the wall a little bit, holding for a couple beats and then jumping back down. ATTEMPT the full stretch ONLY if you feel confident (and don't have wrist issues). Why? Because at the end of the stretch the "air" leg could carry you over and onto your back = #tragic. O_O Namaste ~AM #yogaforbabes

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