ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 28, 2012
BORN: December 15
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Jace Hall
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Just a reminder - if you're around tonight and you've already gotten your workout in... Come small-talk with me about ANYTHINGGGG while I grind my alliWarr alt - I'm getting back "in gameplay shape" to (finally! wtf) bring 'SilverBisque' to Draenor next week! World of Warcraft www.TwinGalaxiesLIVE.com 7-9 pm PST ‪#‎WarcraftwithBiscuit‬ Twin Galaxies Live Twin Galaxies - Peep silver eyes to match le hairs - Note: my girl is not an engineer (try blacksmith/mining) but I just got these glam goggles, so I wear. lel


A "goddess" inspired me to - ‪#‎TootYourOwnHornToday‬ ! Excited about some new news! 1) I've been brought onto The #ZeldaProject as IMPA: Legend refers to her as Zelda's caretaker and bodyguard. If you love Zelda or even just gaming and cosplay? Follow the above fan page for an exciting pictorial portrayal of one of Nin's most loved adventures ‪#‎YayYayYAY‬ 2) Soooo...me/IMPA/STORM/JADE/TIGRA/BISCUIT is going to be playing/live-streaming Warlords of Draenor at Twin Galaxies Live Twin Galaxies TONIGHT and the rest of the week M-T from 7-9p PST! Please stop by and visit me, chat about anything: Wow, gaming, FITNESS, contests, COSPLAY - LIFE! I'm going to be ON LIVE so PLEASE stop by... www.twingalaxieslive.com tonight through Thurs 7-9p pst "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it." Picture creds: Me - Neveux Studios for IRON MAN MAGAZINE Jessica - Jan-Michael Losada


My science lover friends and I got together tonight to talk about bugs (and spiders). In particular, "non-specific entomological symbiosis in the Amazon." Insect candies. We're a bunch of hellraisers, lemme tell ya... My friend Phil (Torres, biologist, 'Spiderman') has spent time in the rainforest. He and his research team discovered this (pictured) new species of arachnid which they named the Cyclosa Decoy, while in Peru. Yes, it's gross, but super tiny (around 5mm) and will SCULPT - out of leaves, debris and random bug remnants - a larger version of itself (complete with 8 legs) in its web to ward off predators. Mother Nature, you are perverse. But how I love thee.


DAY TWO: Last post from @stanleeComikaze Expo -- wrapped this one up! Right now driving h…

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Getting into character for @StanLeesComikaze Expo tomorrow/Sat...! Come visit me at booth #1814 10-12 and 1-3p, I'll be hanging with Wolverine Lon Brown naturally!) - *NOTE* these cover my entire eye - with *limited* sight (blurry) so apologies in advance if I just walk right by you tomorrow!!! ‪#‎XMen‬ ‪#‎Storm‬ ‪#‎Marvel‬


Ugh. PLEASE excuse my crazy hairs and overall appearance - I was just doing plyometrics..…

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