ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 28, 2012
BORN: December 15
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Jace Hall
More About Me

Hey PEEPS! FYI in case you have come across these "ads" online: A couple of my good Facebook friends have alerted me that my image is one of a couple being used to sell some bizarro diet pills - Looking into it, unfortunately, it is hard to control stuff like this with the interwebz age, photo-sharing and all - but just so YOU know, I am NOT in any way endorsing a "SKINNY PILL". I'd tell you lol O_O #gtfo


Sunday ARTS & CRAFTIES! Decided to try to make something random out of crap lying around the house before I threw it away…since we already know I'm a Star Trek fan…why not ??


GUESSS WHATTTT??!!! I WILL BE AT @slcomiccon NEXT WEEKEND chillin' with the hottest 'girlienerd' in Hollywood, Kelly Hu!!! I will be on a panel or two (details to follow) AND OF COURSE I will be at the FanXperience cosplay contest to see how you all THROW DOWN when put to the test…I'll see you there!!! Good luck…and don't 'f' it up. http://saltlakecomiccon.com/


IT IS WITH a heavy heart that I post this final photo of myself and my hummingbird balloon, created for me by a dear friend. I cared for it so lovingly for 3 WHOLE hours at my science shoot…only for it to explode into smithereens right in my face the second I got in my hot car with it #fail


HEY PEOPLE I need your help! Recently, I participated in a @GeeksGivingGifts charity calendar shoot -- benefitting the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan: the deadliest Philippine typhoon on record. The 11X17 full color calendar features myself with some of the sexiest geek celebrities of COSPLAY, a 50s Pin-Up theme and science - all while defying the laws of physics. Produced by Strangely Compelling Multimedia, with photography by lens genius Greg De Stefano. The inspiration came from the puzzle-platformer video game, 'Constant C' -(Xbox Live Arcade and Steam) from publisher 5pb. Games/Mages. The dedicated website is up and available for PRE-ORDERS!!!! http://geeksgivinggifts.com/ 100% of the proceeds will go to 'Doctors Without Borders' -- ORDER NOW (PWETTY PWEASE?) - and let me know... Giving is good for the soul Preview Video: http://youtu.be/5kP_ZIw-Fdk


THIS is what I get for jumping around on a trampoline yesterday lol xD. GOOD TIMES, but I'm hard-headed/stubborn/upid-stay. 'Le FLU' actually BACK-TRACKED and I am in the bed with tissues, cough syrup and the Lifetime Movie Network lmao. Take your vitamin C and rest when your bod tells ya, peeps