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BORN: December 15
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Jace Hall
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Brace yourselves...I've decided to make today San Diego Comic-Con International Official "Sneak Peek" Day since folks on Instagram were inquiring - SUNDAY: Miss Marvel will be making an appearance in San Diego - I will be on the convention floor the first part of the day, then in/around the Gaslamp District and then at The Nerd HQ later in the day, I will be with a group - though not as big a group as Friday's ...more on what's coming FRI and SAT in the next post coming later !~AM Photo credits: the incredible B-House Joneleit


You all already know I'm hard of hearing ;)...Stop listening...keep LIFTING. ;) ~AM


HOLD UP! I am still seeing some TRAGIC drop squat attempts going on in the gym. Please do not attempt using weights unless you know for sure your form is tight! Drop squats do not work (and you can hurt yourself) if your form leaves too much to be desired. Squats are a compound movement that utilize a large amount of muscle to perform...legs, hips, back, core, BOOTY. If you are using a weight? Arms, shoulders, etc etc. It is a total body exercise that can do a lot for your physical fitness overall BUT you can also injure a lot if you aren't careful with them... Stand with your feet flat on the ground, about or a little more than shoulder-width apart (depending on if you want to do wider stance or straight-sit squats) - Point your feet ever so slightly outward - not straight ahead. Never let your knees extend beyond your toes. Look straight ahead. Bend at your knees as if you were going to sit back in a chair, do not "round" your back or bend over at the waist. Keep your heels on the floor. Do not let your heels lift off the floor - Pull in your abs, and keep your lower back near neutral or slightly arched inward - Slowly lower yourself downward so that your upper legs are nearly parallel with the floor. Extend your arms outward for balance. ***If you have chronic knee issues - then the amazing leg press (NOT extension) machine, reverse lunges with support or other versions of 'braced' squats that don't put direct pressure on the knee joint will be your friend. Keep the upper body tight at all times. Stand up slowly and return to start. AM Do You Know Squat?? http://www.whosay.com/l/Vte8MbC


WHY SUGAR IS A SLEAZY, LYING, SONOFABISH..... I'm reposting a pic from yesterday to make a lil point *ahem*... I mentioned to a few people yesterday that I went insane and had a bit too much fun with the plain M&Ms at a July 4th party with some of my girlies.... No harm, not the worst thing in the world - however, I wanted to ILLUSTRATE exactly what over-doing it on sugar can do. My abs: covered by water, water, water OVERNIGHT. To compensate for my craziness, I made sure I kept my sugar intake low for the following days and I posted yesterday. Just one day of sugary over-indulgence can do that...imagine what a few YEARS of it can do to your body???? Why Sugar is the Devil: http://www.whosay.com/l/psR8LmB #fitspo #fitness #aliciamarie #motivation


CURTSEY LUNGES!!! For #MotivationMonday simple basic exercises that frickin' WORK. One …


WHERE are all my #GymBunnies on this #HealthySelfieSunday?? R U Off today? ON?? Since I had a bit too much fun on the 4th - I'm making AMENDS by putting in some time with my old friend "Gym"... Whether you are off today or on today - make a promise to yourself that this week MUST start off with focus and clarity: REALITY. No one is saying any of this would be easy or "fun". Its just WORTH IT. Working out and taking care of "the hardware" that is your body is an instant self-esteem booster. Your body, your life. -AM http://www.whosay.com/l/MtG8JHi

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