ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 28, 2012
BORN: December 15
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Jace Hall
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#StretchhhhyySaturday! Grab your mats! Back in the day when I was competing in the actual fitness 'routine' division, my coach Cathy Savage taught me that the best fitness athletes can display '3' distinct traits while performing on stage: Strength, Endurance and FLEXIBILITY. The last one is often lost on fitness folks even though it is a very important part of the getting in shape cycle (increased range of motion, anyone?). It's a misconception that in order to have muscle you have to sacrifice all flexibility. You have to work at it to maintain it -- like all things. Whether you are training hard or just sitting at your desk day to day - muscles get TIGHT. Really tight. To the point where you can actually hurt yourself because you have very little to no flexibility... Your hamstrings (backs of your legs) and your hip flexors (group of muscles that run from the tops of your thighs upward) are very important to keep limber because those muscle groups can protect the rest of your body from injury. Pictured are '5' of my favorite "floor" hip flexor stretches. Take it easy and go slow. These are much simpler if your muscles are already warm. 1, 3 and 5 are easy and can be done lightly or to a more 'extreme' degree depending on your own flexibility. 2 and 4 are more advanced stretches - HOWEVER if you are on a soft floor don't be afraid to try it out! GO EASY: They're like splits: practice in order to limber up. ***NOTE: Don't discount the basic 'standing' hip flexor/quad stretch -- that you can ALSO do lying face down on the floor (where you balance on one leg and bending one leg up behind you, hold it tight and pull toward your buttocks). I just didn't include it in my pics because it's the "basic" stretch Don't forget to #STRETCH today - open dem hips up! - AM xo


#FitnessWearShoppingHaul courtesy of my messy hairs! Bought a pair of those HIGH-WAISTED leggings that I keep seeing on some ladies at the gym. Cute, right?... #Nope. Who is feeling my pain on this? Off to the tailors! #SquatProblems #Booty #wat


@alsassociation #ALSIceBucketChallenge Because I still haven't had a chance to come up for air - I donated to both the National and the Local ( The ALS Association Golden West Chapter ) chapters of the The ALS Association in between takes. Blessings and Happy Friday AM


HEY PEEPS!! Right now I'm sweating my bum off at YouTube Space LA shooting two BRAND NEW *quick but killer* workouts I created for you! (So sry - had to blur my timing cue cards, no hints!) - Stay TUNED - I'll let you know when they both launch on Lionsgate BeFiT!!!!


#MakeupTransformation Such incredible. So makeup. Wow. #JeremyMeeksWTF


"Doral ana'diel?"...New #cosplays are a-brewin'... @Warcraft spending Saturday...creatively. #FortheWho? ;)

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