ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 28, 2012
BORN: December 15
HEIGHT: 5'9"
Significant Other: Jace Hall
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@Walking Dead_AMC fans…look who we found at the @slccomicon - @ChandlerRiggs …the young girl in the middle was SO CUTE. She was a sister of one of the cosplay girls -- she was literally in tears at getting to meet the young Mr. Riggs dawwww….


Wrapping up DAY 2 of @Slccomicon: thanks to RayceBird.com for creepy hug. @JaceHall needs to rock this look…maybe NOT.


I love this thing so much I had to wear it to my speaking engagements/panels today at Salt Lake Comic Con!!!! Comfy yet badassery #CylonCenturion #HumanoidsFTW #FEMbot #Battlestar


SCHEDULE DAY ONE of @slccomicon, here in SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH! I am speaking on TWO panels today: 12 noon Comic Convention Survival 101 and at 1p COSPLAY for Beginners - Saturday I have How to Cosplay on a Budget - 12 noon lol! If you are in town be sure not to miss the COSPLAY CONTEST in the South Ballroom on Saturday at 1p --- The rest of my sched is on my bod I hope I see you HERE x #BythePowerofGrayskull


Hey PEEPS! FYI in case you have come across these "ads" online: A couple of my good Facebook friends have alerted me that my image is one of a couple being used to sell some bizarro diet pills - Looking into it, unfortunately, it is hard to control stuff like this with the interwebz age, photo-sharing and all - but just so YOU know, I am NOT in any way endorsing a "SKINNY PILL". I'd tell you lol O_O #gtfo


Sunday ARTS & CRAFTIES! Decided to try to make something random out of crap lying around the house before I threw it away…since we already know I'm a Star Trek fan…why not ??