ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 16, 2011
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Guess shwat...


Best I could get. #bloodmoon #eclipse #magnificence #butnotinthispic


#COSMOS is premiering TONIGHT - who is tuning in? Who can't wait?!? This is monumental for society, and so incredibly well done. I saw the 1st episode a few months ago and can GUARANTEE you will ALL be marvelled and encaptured. Fill those brains with the good stuff. :) Carl Sagan would be proud. Fox & natgeo have it x


Fare thee well, Calgary. What an internal landmark you now represent.. See you again someday, I'm sure of that. Although the 2 hour customs aero port line of torture & panic didn't leave the best taste as the last experience.. Get employees in those booths, people. Wtf was that? #thedorm #finito! #bittersweet #likemostthings


#thedorm Picture wrap means making goodie bags for the crew, just sad not everyone was there on the last day. :( those that didn't get one, I sowy. You are JUST as loved & appreciated!! Especially sound department. Fuck you guys rule.