ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 17, 2011
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Fare thee well north kakalaka! See you when the sun demands our return (summertime)


A dose of vanity to start ze week off for you on this fine Monday. Shooting for #Nylon mag. Weird doing photo shoots again.., feels....ancient? Could that make sense? Like stepping through a time portal back into teenage-hood, hyperactivity & developmental confusion. #lol


#quantumentanglement #analyzeeverything :-) #plato #socrates #physics #life!


Pitch'n through ADR w/ Banks today. Movie is gonna be great dudes! #pp2 #pitchperfect2


One week ago we picture wrapped #URGE ! I've spent the last 5 weeks of my life in NYC with these lovely people and i already miss seeing their faces every day. This movie is going to be awesome. Can't wait for a rough cut! @aaronkauffman @dannymasterson @nickthune @barpali @justinchatwin @ashleygreene @chrisgeer


Signal is misery in Mississippi! In this house at least... 10 minutes of inching along then it stopped on my face so hey that works I guess! Has everyone seen the #pitchperfect2 trailer and if so what did you think? 10 million views already ain't mad at that! Thanks chillenz! ✨

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