ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 16, 2011
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Zürich has some severely unique sounding artists on the street... Holy gorgeousness. Look up Taylor Rankin, unbelievable violinist. @taylorrankinvio


Kaitastic caught her first wave the other day!! Had some sunshine before the rain came down (it's rained every effin day we've been here) & we utilized the shat out of it!! Uncle Z & Future Pro Surfer-Scientist in all their glory. #surfinbaby


I did over 9 hours of ADR yesterday. 2 hour drive each way... = 13 hour day. DAYUM! Was neat to work on the east coast though, somewhat from my hometown. That was the most ADR myself, & everyone in the party involved had ever experienced. Feeling a little accomplished! Flicks lookin good.


Our last little song, our last little pic on set of #pp2 - I cried like a lil biatch. I love you girls. That's a picture wrap on everyone except keni @ hai hai! See y'all in LA in a month-ish! <3 #pitchperfect2 #thatsawrap


@haileesteinfeld took a shneaky shleepy shelfie.. That's my hoodies sleeve pulled over me eyes. #makeshift #anytime #anyplace #pp2 #pitchperfect2

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