ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 16, 2011
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Best I could get. #bloodmoon #eclipse #magnificence #butnotinthispic


#COSMOS is premiering TONIGHT - who is tuning in? Who can't wait?!? This is monumental for society, and so incredibly well done. I saw the 1st episode a few months ago and can GUARANTEE you will ALL be marvelled and encaptured. Fill those brains with the good stuff. :) Carl Sagan would be proud. Fox & natgeo have it x


Fare thee well, Calgary. What an internal landmark you now represent.. See you again someday, I'm sure of that. Although the 2 hour customs aero port line of torture & panic didn't leave the best taste as the last experience.. Get employees in those booths, people. Wtf was that? #thedorm #finito! #bittersweet #likemostthings


#thedorm Picture wrap means making goodie bags for the crew, just sad not everyone was there on the last day. :( those that didn't get one, I sowy. You are JUST as loved & appreciated!! Especially sound department. Fuck you guys rule.


We've had #RIPSarah on our slates from the start. So tragic. The Jonesy movement is a MUST. Keep our crews SAFE. Such a shame someone had to die for people to wake up. What else is new though... No more cutting corners, producers. Or you'll be cutting checks for more legal battles over the lives you've risked. #RIPsarah