ON WHOSAY SINCE: May 9, 2013

HUGE THANKS to all for making our "Frozen cover" a huge hit! Brand new YouTube video to be released this evening! WATCH THIS SPACE!


I'm having a son!!! August 11th!!


New video shoot complete. Comin' at ya soon!! Watch this space. #Africanize


Im in the studio w/ avengers film director who's listening to me lay down vocals on a duet I'm doing with Peter Gabriel. WHAT???? #Dreambig


Working on a single w/ the inimitable @angelahunte who wrote "Empire State of Mind" 4 Alicia Keys and Jay-z. So pumped up I can't breathe!!


It's official!! I just signed w/ Grammy winner Jerry Wonda to produce my album. He's worked w/ shakira, Cee Lo, MJ, Jennifer Hudson, Akon+!