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BORN: July 10, 1976
BIRTHPLACE: Santa Fe, New Mexico
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Mar 16, 2011
HOMETOWN: New York City, New York
CURRENT LOCATION: New York City, New York
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Adrian Grenier is an actor, musician, director and producer; he is a non-fiction, multimedia storyteller best known for his acting role in the Emmy-nominated HBO series, Entourage, which is in it's eight and final season.

New Mexico born and Brooklyn bred, Adrian was raised single-handedly by his mother, Karesse. In 2002, when Adrian embarked on a yearlong search for the father from which he was estranged for 18 years, he documented the journey. The result was a feature length film and his directorial debut, Shot in the Dark.

As a vehicle to craft socially responsible human stories, Adrian founded Reckless Productions in 2002. Through television and film, both documentary and narrative, his company aims to evoke dialogue on important, current topics.

Adrian’s Alter Eco – a television show which premiered on Discovery channel’s Planet Green – features a team of green activists and experts who demonstrate how to live more sustainably; inspiring viewers to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Adrian’s second feature length documentary, Teenage Paparazzi, a film focused on the complex relationship between celebrities and the media. It premiered on HBO Sept 21st 2010

Amidst film and television projects, Adrian drums for The Honey Brothers- a New York, new-wave folk band - who travel the country, uplifting crowds everywhere.

The Devil Wears Prada

Cast (Nate), 2006


Hart's War

Cast (Pvt. Daniel E. Abrams), 2002

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