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ON WHOSAY SINCE: Aug 13, 2013
HOMETOWN: Nashville, TN

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

  • A baby bull "jumped" on me and landed me on crutches for 2 weeks.
  • I make the best margaritas on the planet :) Dare to challenge me...
  • I only have one ovary.
  • When I met Garth Brooks, the biggest piece of advice he told me NOT to do, I had just done the day before.
  • I have a miniature pot belly pig named Fancy who is the sweetest girl alive!


Sometimes you hear the voice of fate when you least expect it. And sometimes that voice is so loud and clear that you can’t deny it.

For Adley Stump, that voice came—much to her own surprise—right out of her own mouth. So far her singing talent has already taken her from her native Oklahoma to nationwide exposure as a contestant on TV’s hit talent competition The Voice, where she’s been given the stamp of approval by no less than fellow Okie Blake Shelton and pop star Christina Aguilera.

Adley currently lives in Nashville and is working with a dedicated team of industry icons to further her career in country music.

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