ON WHOSAY SINCE: Nov 16, 2010
Significant Other: Ashlan Gorse Cousteau
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My wife Ashlan Gorse Cousteau and I are excited to announce our newest project, Orcas: Th…


Seeing San Juan Island from above with Sam Champion. We'll be LIVE - talking orcas with Sam tomorrow morning at 7:40 & 8:40 on AMHQ


More info on my new series Xploration Station... Get schooled this fall!

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Wednesday's pic was a debris impact simulator at Texas Tech. It simulates things like wood hitting walls hitting walls at 100MPH!! Before and after three strikes from a 2x4!


Can anyone guess what this is? Got to see this wicked device in action while filming Xploration Awesome Planet


Thrilled to announce that I'm filming a NEW science show that will premiere on FOX Saturd…

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