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BORN: November 17, 1986
BIRTHPLACE: Praia, Cape Verde
HEIGHT: 5'9"
ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 8, 2011
HOMETOWN: Lisbon, Portugal
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It was not a teddy bear or any other toy that kept him company at night. It was a ball, which he held with both his hands and ensured a sound night’s sleep, night after night. During the day he’d play with it; when the sun set he dreamed about it, having it at his feet, becoming a footballer. After nine years he followed his brother in training for Real Massamá. Until it was his turn. The dream came true, without having to wait very long, going straight from a youth player to the senior team. Nani leaves no doubt. His skill can be compared to the superstars, causing amazement with the tricks he is able to pull off; the changes in pace and acceleration cause havoc in the opposition’s defence; the spontaneity, the improvisation and creativity are uncommon and leave his opponents rooted to the spot. He has the ability to win a game on his own. He is unpredictable. A talent, whether setting up goals or finishing. If marks were given for technical skill and artistic impression, like in other sports, Nani would always score top marks. Which extends to the way he celebrates each goal: an incredible leap and somersault, which dates back to his school days when he did capoeira. Technical skills and artistic impression: 10.

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