ON WHOSAY SINCE: Feb 4, 2011
BORN: August 14, 1959
BIRTHPLACE: Lansing, Michigan
HEIGHT: 6'9"
Significant Other: Cookie Johnson
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Good Luck to our @Dodgers and starter Zack Greinke against the Cubs tonight!

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Got a chance to talk with fellow basketball Hall of Famer @ArtisGilmore53 & @MayorAlvinBrown of Jacksonville, FL! #NationwideMBA14


Magic Johnson Foundation

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Thank you to National Black MBA Assoc. CEO & Pres., Jesse Tyson for having me speak at their #NBMBAA14 Luncheon today!


Good Luck to the @Dodgers and P Carlos Frias starting on the mound for our men in blue to…

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I also went and spoke to the students at Pattengill Middle School about getting a good education!

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