ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 29, 2010
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Happy Friday folks! Here's a great shot to end our year...the mayors race in Dallas. Wishing y'all happy holidays with loved ones! Enjoy your break and just keep livin....


Cameron from Roosevelt HS in DC is thankful for having a roof over his head and for all o…

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Cast out the fears and let your dreams win! #MondayMotivation


Thanks to the USC triathlon team for taking the time to talk with our students about training and proper techniques! They're ready for a weekend workout! #guestspeakers #toolsforabetterfuture


Rubi from EACPrep is thankful for her teachers who truly care and their genuine encourage…

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It was a holiday bazaar today in Inglewood. Our students were wrapping gifts with a smile! Enjoy the weekend all and just keep livin!

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