ON WHOSAY SINCE: Sep 29, 2010
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We are so proud of our jkl seniors at Fremont HS! These students are all graduating next week! #happyweekend #justkeeplivin


Brianna from Animo Inglewood HS is thankful for the time she gets to spend with friends a…


Results aren't just about the exercise. The food you eat after a work out is just as impo… http://www.whosay.com/l/taRaCrd


Sometimes we need to play a little game called hide the fruits & veggies! Here are some g… http://www.whosay.com/l/QMsaCa2


We love community service in our program. It empowers us to make a difference! Here are some of our girls working on a project with the painted turtle! Enjoy the long weekend and just keep livin! #kidsgivingback #changinglives


Simone from Hamilton HS is grateful that she got through her AP tests & she thinks she di…

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